Building software for tomorrow’s business leaders

Curbsy is a technology company building modern software for our partners and franchisees. You bring the vision, we bring the product-building expertise.

About Us

Based on the Isle of Man, the Curbsy team's skillsets comprise of programming, design, database architecture, systems analysis, product management, data analysis, marketing (social and digital), copywriting and more.

Collectively, the team has worked across a span of industries, including gaming, healthcare, legal, oil and gas, ship management, banking, luxury goods, media, engineering, publishing and payroll.

We have experience building front-ends, back-ends and everything in between, with a focus on building quickly and well.

Our Technologies

Our full-stack dev team builds web apps and APIs for both IIS and Linux environments. Today we are typically using C#, ASP.NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Google Maps API, Docker, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Axios, HTML, SCSS, NUnit and Webpack. Recently we have been using ApexCharts to model complex financial data. We are at home with Azure and AWS, as well as other platforms such as DigitalOcean and Linode. Our code lives in either GitHub or Bitbucket.

On the analytics side we work with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Hotjar, Amplitude and Facebook Events Manager.

How We Work

We break projects down into two-week sprints using the Scrum framework atop Agile’s development philosophies. Short daily standups keep projects on track, and each sprint is book-ended by a sprint planning session at the start and a demo at the end. And, of course, we are always on Slack.

For project planning and management, we use Jira and Confluence. We build quickly, release frequently and engage often with our stakeholders.

Our Values

We are building a company that makes a positive difference in our communities, and the start of such a movement must begin at home. The following are the three values that guide our processes, culture and decision-making.

To us, integrity means trust, respect, honesty and transparency. All staff receive profit share post profitability instead of bonuses or commission, and everyone is encouraged to communicate early, often and clearly.

Behind three core initiatives, we have love. We pledge to donate a third of our profits to good causes after three years of profitability, all staff get one additional day off each month to volunteer and we ensure our franchise partners donate part of their profits to good causes.

When you are trying new things, curiosity is essential. We never assume there is an absolute truth and instead let data guide us towards the best possible solution to each problem.