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Curbsy's proprietary search, Matchmaker, is designed to work with databases big and small, working on a scoring system rather than filters so the customer will always see results from their searches, no matter how specific.


Curbsy’s real estate management platform, Curbside, was built from the ground up for forward-thinking agencies.

Data analytics drive our property search, Matchmaker, making it easier for buyers to find a home they will love, and for franchise partners to support them throughout that process. Matchmaker is designed to work with big and small agencies, and to grow alongside the agencies’ databases. As agencies’ property listings grow, so does Matchmaker, with more options and greater intelligence to increase specificity of recommendations.

Bringing both Curbside and Matchmaker to life is the real-estate agency front-end. Designed to showcase gorgeous photography and immersive text through magazine-style layouts, it is frequently described by house sellers as the best and most beautiful estate agency website around.

Curbsy Franchise Partners

Starting a new real estate agency or looking for new software?

Curbsy franchisees are more than customers, they are partners in every step of the journey.

We work closely with our franchisees, from initial training through to the management of digital marketing campaigns. The Curbsy brand is unique, and partners have agreed to a code of conduct that includes:

  • profit share for agents and other staff
  • use of revenue for community good causes, such as planting a tree every time a house sells
  • flexible working
  • transparency and integrity in every action

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