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The real estate agency matching people with their ideal lifestyle.

The Curbsy Experience

A new home is often the largest financial transaction of people's lives, and an expert agent is essential when finding a home that will be loved for a lifetime.

Curbsy's software acts as the world's most perfect agent. It listens to and understands buyers, is available 24/7, has a deep knowledge of the areas in which it operates, speaks all languages and anticipates preferences based on previous buyers' choices.

Buying a new home should be a wonderful experience and with Curbsy, it is.

Heart & Home

With a focus on placing families into their perfect home, the Curbsy software uses cutting-edge technology, advanced data analytics and industry knowhow to personalise and streamline real estate sales. We’re bringing the love back to buying a new home.

Curbsy Franchise Partners

Our franchise partners have local licenses to use the Curbsy software and services. Although the software works with or without agents, franchise partners are encouraged to hire local property experts to provide on-site guidance to buyers and to assist sellers in preparing their homes for viewings.

Partners are supported in every step of their journey, from software training through to the management of digital marketing campaigns. The Curbsy brand is unique, and partners have agreed to a code of conduct that includes:

  • profit share for agents and other staff
  • use of revenue for community good causes, such as planting a tree every time a house sells
  • flexible working
  • transparency and integrity in every action

If you are interested in opening a franchise in your region, please .

"The longing for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are."